The marketing opportunity behind Snapchat’s new Snap Map

Snapchat just came out with Snap Map, showing you where the action is. Add some other features to the mix and you’ve got yourself a marketing strategy!

Snapchat is back, and it brought the big guns: The brand new Snap Map

Facebook is trying with all its might to be cooler than Snapchat, but they just can’t seem to steal the coveted cool factor.

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What’s the story with social media stories?

Social media stories are taking over social media. Facebook is eating up the internet and if their prey won’t let them, they’ll just assimilate them anyway.

So Facebook’s got one, Messenger’s got one, Instagram’s got one and Whatsapp’s got one… did I forget anyone?

I just can’t remember who else has social media stories at the moment, but I’m sure it will come to me sooner or later while writing this post.

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The power of a social media takeover

What exactly is a social media takeover and what can it do for our brand? All this and more in this article by none other than… well it’s still me, sorry.

How appropriate, an Israeli talking about a takeover

Yeah, well, that’s what they call it, a social media takeover, so get over it.

Besides, who best to talk about it, no?

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The ABC’s of: Snapchat – A quick tutorial

I love you guys, so I’ve decided to help you out with some basic tutorials to get you started. Today I’m showing you the ABC’s of Snapchat.

The ABC’s of Snapchat is the first of a series of tutorials

I’m gonna start explaining the basics of many social media and digital marketing platforms, so that people who just “don’t get it” will have a chance to play with us by following my quick tutorials.
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Repurposing content – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Don’t let your content calendar get the best of you. Strategise and make sure you’re repurposing content for best performance!

What does repurposing content mean?

Repurposing content means that you’re not posting content only once, but reusing it on different channels, maybe even for different uses. Let’s learn about how to strategise on that.

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Fending off the Admageddon

Don’t let your ads go unnoticed. Fend off the Admageddon with these simple tips and tricks for a click-worthy ad!

Have you heard about Admageddon?

Do you know what the upcoming Admageddon means for your usual advertising campaigns? Are you ready to take a step forward?

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Cracking the secret of an awesome Snapchat marketing strategy!

For many marketers out there, Snapchat is still a hidden path waiting to be explored. But I believe I’ve just cracked the code, and I’m sharing it with you!

Is Snapchat that app where teenagers exchange pics? Where can I fit a Snapchat marketing strategy in there?

Err, yes, sort of. It’s much more than that actually, and I’m going to expand the Snapchat marketing strategy later on, but first:

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3 tips for integrating live video in your social media content

We already talked about how live video is important for your social media channels, but since it’s not really that easy to do, here’s a few quick tips to get you going.

Didn’t you already talk about live video here?

Oh yes I did, and you just loved it, didn’t you?

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Social media is about to get social-er

Winter is coming. But there are more exciting changes happening right inside your mobile device!

Say what?

Yes, social media is finally getting a little more social with a few new changes to some of the main social media platforms.

I’ll explain that statement in just a minute, but first I want to explain why this change is important.

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Choosing the right social media platforms for your business

And why you should avoid the wrong ones.

Social media platforms are just evolving and multiplying non-stop

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