4 Tips how to approach social media

Social media might not be your cup o’ tea, but, most probably, many of your clients are there, so you better gear up and learn how to approach social media.

No, not everybody plays on Facebook all day long, and no: you’re not alone

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but most of your clients are probably there. Let’s see what you do need to know, just so you’re not completely in the dark when approaching social media.

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What’s the story with social media stories?

Social media stories are taking over social media. Facebook is eating up the internet and if their prey won’t let them, they’ll just assimilate them anyway.

So Facebook’s got one, Messenger’s got one, Instagram’s got one and Whatsapp’s got one… did I forget anyone?

I just can’t remember who else has social media stories at the moment, but I’m sure it will come to me sooner or later while writing this post.

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How to create Pinterest Rich Pins from your website content

Pinterest has long been a fully fledged search engine. Pinterest Rich Pins will help your pins to appear in the top of their amazing search results page!

Playing with the big boys

Having Pinterest Rich Pins are a must if you want to earn Pinterest player points and appear on the top of search results.

I’m gonna get a bit technical here, but I’ll try to stay comprehensible.

So let’s get started!

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6 common Wh-questions about Social Media Marketing answered

Social media marketing questions are oh so very common. Especially when it comes to businesses who are planning their first ever digital marketing strategy.

What are the most common questions about social media marketing?

Here are the 6 most common Wh-questions about social media marketing for businesses. I’ve even added a bonus one in the end, ‘cos it’s almost Christmas.

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The Four P’s of Digital Marketing

The Four P’s of Marketing are no secret. Every good marketer knows that they are important for a successful marketing strategy. So since we’re here, what are The Four P’s of Digital Marketing?

Umm… don’t you mean “The Four P’s of Marketing”?

Yeah, those, but with The Four P’s of Digital Marketing I’m focusing on digital marketing, since that’s more or less my speciality. The Internet.

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Post Scheduling and the art of making time

Need more time in order to be able to run your day job AND manage your social media pages? Try post scheduling and gain instant me time!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Is what I usually hear from my clients, when we talk about social media strategies, actions and ideas we come up with together for their own social media marketing channels. So yet again, I’m here to offer some magic tricks and cheats to make sure you manage to make the most of your social media efforts with post scheduling.

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3 tips for integrating live video in your social media content

We already talked about how live video is important for your social media channels, but since it’s not really that easy to do, here’s a few quick tips to get you going.

Didn’t you already talk about live video here?

Oh yes I did, and you just loved it, didn’t you?

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Social media is about to get social-er

Winter is coming. But there are more exciting changes happening right inside your mobile device!

Say what?

Yes, social media is finally getting a little more social with a few new changes to some of the main social media platforms.

I’ll explain that statement in just a minute, but first I want to explain why this change is important.

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Top 3 video strategies for social media marketing

Get closer to your followers with video and real-time events that they can participate, share and invite others.

Get yourself into the video trend

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3 tips to creating eye catching content

Make sure your message gets through by creating eye catching content that your followers will love and enjoy sharing.

What does eye catching content even mean?

Well, it’s not easy to generate content for social media. There’s a lot of research to do, make sure your data is up to date, and afterwards, you need to post it on various social media platforms you have accounts on.

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