What’s the future of remote working?

What’s the future of remote working? Are we going to ride the wave and go on working from home as we are today or will it disappear?

Thanks to the Covid-19 epidemic and the resulting lockdowns, many companies have resorted to remote working as a way to maintain productivity while caring for the safety of their employees.
But what now that we finally see the light in the end of the tunnel, what will be the future of remote working according to employers?

Chris Herd, CEO of FirstbaseHQ, a company helping businesses set up, manage, maintain and retrieve the equipment for remote workers, has asked himself (and more than 2000 companies) the exact same question, and has generously reported his findings on Twitter.

TL;DR: Remote working is here to stay, and 90% of both companies and employees Chris spoke to are finding it an extremely positive thing.

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