What your social media morning routine should be

Mornings at the office can be quite overwhelming, checking your messages, returning emails and what not. Social media shouldn’t be a chore, but a routine!

Grab a coffee and sit back

Open your browser and start bookmarking links. This is gonna be a hell of a ride!

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How to handle internet Trolls

We all know them, heard of them, or had to deal with them at one point in time. Internet Trolls are nothing to be scared of, nor are they to be avoided.

Internet Trolls are not the enemies of Fairies

They’re not magical, nor are they impossible to handle.

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How to use Twitter for customer service

Social listening is very important today with customers demanding 24/7 support, using Twitter for customer service is definitely one of the best ways to go.

Are you already using Twitter for customer service?

Using Twitter for customer service is almost a given when drawing up your digital media plan.

Here are a few quick tips to setting up your business Twitter account for customer service.

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CX and you

A good CX is what makes a customer happy, and an outstanding CX will make him come back. An out-of-this-world CX will get him to bring his friends and family to your doorstep.

Keeping the customer in the center of attention

Isn’t the most natural thing for many people to do, especially when believing that the reason you are working for is money.

But what if I told you that the most important reason is actually making your customers feel good about your relationship?

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Tweetdeck: Unfolding the secrets to an awesome monitoring method

Twitter is fast. Really fast. If you let days pass without noticing what’s happening with your profile, that’s bad. Really bad. Here’s a few pointers for how to use TweetDeck for social media monitoring like a pro!

Why am I writing yet another monitoring post?

Because apparently many people still believe putting their ear against the phone counts as social listening, or monitoring.

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The Four P’s of Digital Marketing

The Four P’s of Marketing are no secret. Every good marketer knows that they are important for a successful marketing strategy. So since we’re here, what are The Four P’s of Digital Marketing?

Umm… don’t you mean “The Four P’s of Marketing”?

Yeah, those, but with The Four P’s of Digital Marketing I’m focusing on digital marketing, since that’s more or less my speciality. The Internet.

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Why you should stay away from social media like the plague and avoid a social media crisis

The internet is a war-zone and to avoid a social media crisis, stay as far away from it as possible. Unless you have the know-how to face the the music!

Excuse me?

You heard read correctly. Social media is dangerous and could totally turn your business reputation into poop faster than you can say “social media crisis”.

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3 Automation mistakes you need to stop doing right now

Using bad automation habits will get you lazy and numb. Keep the social in social media and remain human where it counts.

Didn’t you always say automation is good?

Yes. Yes I did say automation is good. But I’ve also said that social media is a digital human interaction thing. Judgement is key here.

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What you & McDonald’s have in common – brand experience

Stop asking if they want fries with that. They can get those anywhere. Be unique, offer something special. Make the brand experience more-than-awesome!

We both have awesome milkshakes?

No, what I’m referring to is actually something very basic that not everybody thinks about when they hear the name McDonalds. I’m talking about the brand experience, what someone feels or lives when coming in contact with your brand.

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Omnichannel and your business

Make sure you’re giving your clients the best customer experience you can by standardising what they’re experiencing all over your brand’s services.

What did you just call me?

Omnichannel is the shiz right now, since people are more than used to the fact that, for example, a company’s Twitter account is a direct contact with the company itself. Someone in there listens, and the audience expects to be heard as well.

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