The happy case of a product, an error and an SEO success story

You might think you’re looking for a product, let’s say Bio-Adhesive, only to find out later that you have been mispronouncing it wrong this whole time. But what if this error is actually an SEO success story waiting to happen?

Let me tell you a story about SEO

And how important it is to align sales and marketing, make them communicate and basically create an open information environment in the office.

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How to get your audience’s attention online

Getting your audience’s attention is not an easy task, since the internet is overflown with information, content creators and flying kittens.

Look at the pretty colors!

Isn’t that unicorn food thingy amazing? That’ll surely grab anyone’s attention! So why shouldn’t you do it as well?

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Get all your Pinterest ducks in a row

Pinterest is a social media, but also a social commerce. It has a content marketing aspect to it but will help your inbound marketing too. Anything else?

Pinterest is getting serious-er

So we better start noticing its potential and learn how to apply it in unexpected markets. Remember, first bird gets the worm!

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The power of a social media takeover

What exactly is a social media takeover and what can it do for our brand? All this and more in this article by none other than… well it’s still me, sorry.

How appropriate, an Israeli talking about a takeover

Yeah, well, that’s what they call it, a social media takeover, so get over it.

Besides, who best to talk about it, no?

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The benefits of digital marketing tools

Traditional marketing is hard work both before and after launching a campaign. Using digital marketing tools might make marketing just a little bit easier!

Yes, yes, I will also suggest some free digital marketing tools

But first I’d like to explain the benefits and advantages of digital marketing tools, so bear with me.

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Your content marketing is wrong

Your content marketing is wrong because you are probably doing something very, very incorrect when creating your digital advertisements.

That’s right. Everything you’re doing in your content marketing is wrong.

And of course I’m here to tell you why your content marketing is wrong and how to fix it. Just stay put and let me bring up a couple of examples for ya.

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The reason we all blog

Everybody blogs these days, but why do they do it? What could be so useful that people would actually hold everything and sit down and write consistently?

Shay, oh Shay, why are you blogging?

For oh so many reasons, but I will start with just three. They’re not simple, so try to keep up.

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Repurposing content – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Don’t let your content calendar get the best of you. Strategise and make sure you’re repurposing content for best performance!

What does repurposing content mean?

Repurposing content means that you’re not posting content only once, but reusing it on different channels, maybe even for different uses. Let’s learn about how to strategise on that.

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Post Scheduling and the art of making time

Need more time in order to be able to run your day job AND manage your social media pages? Try post scheduling and gain instant me time!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Is what I usually hear from my clients, when we talk about social media strategies, actions and ideas we come up with together for their own social media marketing channels. So yet again, I’m here to offer some magic tricks and cheats to make sure you manage to make the most of your social media efforts with post scheduling.

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