What your social media morning routine should be

Mornings at the office can be quite overwhelming, checking your messages, returning emails and what not. Social media shouldn’t be a chore, but a routine!

Grab a coffee and sit back

Open your browser and start bookmarking links. This is gonna be a hell of a ride!

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Get all your Pinterest ducks in a row

Pinterest is a social media, but also a social commerce. It has a content marketing aspect to it but will help your inbound marketing too. Anything else?

Pinterest is getting serious-er

So we better start noticing its potential and learn how to apply it in unexpected markets. Remember, first bird gets the worm!

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The benefits of digital marketing tools

Traditional marketing is hard work both before and after launching a campaign. Using digital marketing tools might make marketing just a little bit easier!

Yes, yes, I will also suggest some free digital marketing tools

But first I’d like to explain the benefits and advantages of digital marketing tools, so bear with me.

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How to create Pinterest Rich Pins from your website content

Pinterest has long been a fully fledged search engine. Pinterest Rich Pins will help your pins to appear in the top of their amazing search results page!

Playing with the big boys

Having Pinterest Rich Pins are a must if you want to earn Pinterest player points and appear on the top of search results.

I’m gonna get a bit technical here, but I’ll try to stay comprehensible.

So let’s get started!

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3 new social commerce shopping features by Pinterest

Find out about the new ways to navigate Pinterest in this quick look through their 3 new features.

What!? Pinterest released new features!?

Oh yes, and this time your jaw is gonna drop!

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3 errori di automatizzazione che devi smettere di fare subito

Usare brutti abitudini di automatizzazione ti renderanno pigro e incapace. Tieni il sociale nel social media e rimani umano dove conta.

Mica dici sempre che l’automatizzazione è una buona cosa?

Sì. Sì l’ho sempre detto che l’automatizzazione è una cosa buona. Però ho anche detto che social media è una interazione digitale inter-umana. Giudicare è la parola chiave qui.

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3 Automation mistakes you need to stop doing right now

Using bad automation habits will get you lazy and numb. Keep the social in social media and remain human where it counts.

Didn’t you always say automation is good?

Yes. Yes I did say automation is good. But I’ve also said that social media is a digital human interaction thing. Judgement is key here.

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4 new Pinterest updates you cannot ignore

The last 4 Pinterest updates are a game changer. In order to stay on top of your Pinterest marketing strategy you’d better get to know them ASAP!

OMG I can’t keep up with all those changes and Pinterest updates!

And that’s exactly why I’m here, with the weekly update (not only Pinterest updates!), in a language anyone can understand. Coming even with a few tips and implementation strategies!

You’re welcome 🙂

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Repurposing content – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Don’t let your content calendar get the best of you. Strategise and make sure you’re repurposing content for best performance!

What does repurposing content mean?

Repurposing content means that you’re not posting content only once, but reusing it on different channels, maybe even for different uses. Let’s learn about how to strategise on that.

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Post Scheduling and the art of making time

Need more time in order to be able to run your day job AND manage your social media pages? Try post scheduling and gain instant me time!

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Is what I usually hear from my clients, when we talk about social media strategies, actions and ideas we come up with together for their own social media marketing channels. So yet again, I’m here to offer some magic tricks and cheats to make sure you manage to make the most of your social media efforts with post scheduling.

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