The ABC’s of: Snapchat – A quick tutorial

I love you guys, so I’ve decided to help you out with some basic tutorials to get you started. Today I’m showing you the ABC’s of Snapchat.

The ABC's of Snapchat

The ABC’s of Snapchat is the first of a series of tutorials

I’m gonna start explaining the basics of many social media and digital marketing platforms, so that people who just “don’t get it” will have a chance to play with us by following my quick tutorials.

Let’s get started

Snapchat’s concept is quite different compared to other platforms. Well, first of all, it’s not strictly a social media platform. It’s actually a chat app, where you send photos or snaps of your day to your friends and followers.

The different interface, the fact that the photo camera is the first window to open, and that you also have different channels producing content, gives snapchat a fresh, original and therefore, hard to understand façade.

The interface

The interface is already a head scratcher, simply because instead of a menu, you have 6 screens.

The Snapchat Interface
The Snapchat Interface, icons by Yaroslav Samoilov

Swiping in various directions will bring you to different screens, where you can interact differently: A list of ongoing chats (left), your profile (up), your “feed” where you see your friends’ stories (right) and some discover (will get to that later) elements, and your saved snaps, or memories (down).

Author: Shay Stibelman

Digital marketing consultant in Milan, Italy. Born in Israel, raised in Germany by Russian parents. I help small and medium businesses get their digital marketing game on point. Perfect their website, landing pages, funnel marketing and social media strategies, in order to increase ROI and optimize that ever elusive marketing budget.