3 tips for integrating live video in your social media content

We already talked about how live video is important for your social media channels, but since it’s not really that easy to do, here’s a few quick tips to get you going.

We already talked about how live video is important for your social media channels, but since it's not really that easy to do, here's a few quick tips to get you going.

Didn’t you already talk about live video here?

Oh yes I did, and you just loved it, didn’t you?

I also already gave away 3 strategies for your live video posts, in case you’re following.

So what are you babbling on about this time?

<Jees, tough crowd!>

Since I’m getting asked quite a lot about live video, I’m gonna give you 3 tips, according to the most common questions.

First off, as we all know, it’s not easy coming up with ideas for content and it’s even harder producing videos for your company. So firstly you should:

See what works

Meaning that you must monitor your current success, and keep an eye on stats for each video you actually do decide to upload to your social media channels. The importance of this is indescribable. But just for you, I’m gonna give it a try.

Once you upload a video, it totally depends on its success with its viewers, whether or not it will be shown to other potential viewers. Just like any other post, the social media platform’s algorithm will decide what to show the user, according to his own past preferences and according to a posts success with other users.

Analysing your video’s performance will give you some insight about whether or not it was liked by your audience, helping you to better make decisions about your next videos, their subject and content.

Different social media platforms have different methods of showing off these analytics:

So measure, analyse, strategise, rinse and repeat.

Author: Shay Stibelman

Digital marketing consultant in Milan, Italy. Born in Israel, raised in Germany by Russian parents. I help small and medium businesses get their digital marketing game on point. Perfect their website, landing pages, funnel marketing and social media strategies, in order to increase ROI and optimize that ever elusive marketing budget.