How to handle internet Trolls

We all know them, heard of them, or had to deal with them at one point in time. Internet Trolls are nothing to be scared of, nor are they to be avoided.

Internet Trolls are not the enemies of Fairies

They’re not magical, nor are they impossible to handle.

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How to use Twitter for customer service

Social listening is very important today with customers demanding 24/7 support, using Twitter for customer service is definitely one of the best ways to go.

Are you already using Twitter for customer service?

Using Twitter for customer service is almost a given when drawing up your digital media plan.

Here are a few quick tips to setting up your business Twitter account for customer service.

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3 ideas to help you remember the human element in your digital marketing for your business

Not everybody has everything clear when planning a digital marketing strategy for businesses. Here are 3 ideas to help you remember the human element.

It’s easy to lose your direction when drafting out your digital marketing plan

One thing you have to keep in mind in order to stay on track is who you’re talking to. Your audience is a group of people, as small or large as it may be, they’re still human beings.

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CX and you

A good CX is what makes a customer happy, and an outstanding CX will make him come back. An out-of-this-world CX will get him to bring his friends and family to your doorstep.

Keeping the customer in the center of attention

Isn’t the most natural thing for many people to do, especially when believing that the reason you are working for is money.

But what if I told you that the most important reason is actually making your customers feel good about your relationship?

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What you & McDonald’s have in common – brand experience

Stop asking if they want fries with that. They can get those anywhere. Be unique, offer something special. Make the brand experience more-than-awesome!

We both have awesome milkshakes?

No, what I’m referring to is actually something very basic that not everybody thinks about when they hear the name McDonalds. I’m talking about the brand experience, what someone feels or lives when coming in contact with your brand.

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Listen and you shall be heard

Listen to your audience so that they will feel more encouraged to listen to what you have to say. Social media is social, right?

Listen to your audience if you want to be listened to

As I tend to repeat myself, I’m going to forgive you if you skip forward to the summary in the end and don’t want to listen.

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Omnichannel and your business

Make sure you’re giving your clients the best customer experience you can by standardising what they’re experiencing all over your brand’s services.

What did you just call me?

Omnichannel is the shiz right now, since people are more than used to the fact that, for example, a company’s Twitter account is a direct contact with the company itself. Someone in there listens, and the audience expects to be heard as well.

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Social media is about to get social-er

Winter is coming. But there are more exciting changes happening right inside your mobile device!

Say what?

Yes, social media is finally getting a little more social with a few new changes to some of the main social media platforms.

I’ll explain that statement in just a minute, but first I want to explain why this change is important.

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The importance of being there, or how to maintain a solid online presence

An awesome online presence can make or break your brand. Sometimes people just need a place to rant, but if you can actually help them, then you both win!

A solid online presence can save your ass sometimes

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