How to monitor your Call Us button

Many people forget to monitor the “Call Us” button on their website, so they understand which page has created the conversion.

Stop estimating whether your website works or not

Lead generation and conversions (Like clicking on a Call Us button) are our main goal when doing digital marketing. It costs money and time. So why guesstimate and hope for the best when you can verify and analyze?

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How to get people to share your articles via email

Sometimes people just want to send an article to a peer and not share it on a social media platform. So why not just let them share your articles via email?

Is sharing by email a thing?

Absolutely. Most B2B visitors are less likely to share an article on Facebook or Twitter, and when you really want people to take a look at an article, LinkedIn is not a very successful channel for article sharing. Continue reading “How to get people to share your articles via email”

Remarketing AdWords ad campaigns in 3 easy steps

AdWords is already a complicated system. So let’s take the most complicated, but useful tool – Remarketing, and see how we can apply it easily.

AdWords Remarketing made easy? Not a problem!

Follow these 3 easy steps to aim your AdWords ads at your website past visitors!

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A quick glossary for Search Engine Marketing

It’s hard to remember all of the technical terms and acronyms for these digital thingamajigs. So bookmark this glossary for Search Engine Marketing terms.

Save this quick glossary for search engine marketing terms in your favorites

You’re gonna want to come back to it often for refreshers, so just to keep it practical: let’s jump to it.

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How to use Mailchimp’s email automation

Mailchimp just released its email automation for free. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Here’s how Mailchimp’s email automation works.

Nothing better than pressing a button and having something else taking care of business for ya

Automation is the shiz. Leaving your marketing channels on auto-pilot can be so relaxing, so let’s see how we can use automation with one of the strongest marketing channels out there: Email marketing.

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Tweetdeck: Unfolding the secrets to an awesome monitoring method

Twitter is fast. Really fast. If you let days pass without noticing what’s happening with your profile, that’s bad. Really bad. Here’s a few pointers for how to use TweetDeck for social media monitoring like a pro!

Why am I writing yet another monitoring post?

Because apparently many people still believe putting their ear against the phone counts as social listening, or monitoring.

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