4 Tips how to approach social media

Social media might not be your cup o’ tea, but, most probably, many of your clients are there, so you better gear up and learn how to approach social media.

No, not everybody plays on Facebook all day long, and no: you’re not alone

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but most of your clients are probably there. Let’s see what you do need to know, just so you’re not completely in the dark when approaching social media.

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Get all your Pinterest ducks in a row

Pinterest is a social media, but also a social commerce. It has a content marketing aspect to it but will help your inbound marketing too. Anything else?

Pinterest is getting serious-er

So we better start noticing its potential and learn how to apply it in unexpected markets. Remember, first bird gets the worm!

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Should my business be on Facebook?

Should your business be on Facebook? Many business owners will ask themselves this question sooner or later. Read this so you can decide for yourself.

Should your business be on the biggest advertising platform ever?

I think the answer is quite obvious, but let’s look at the different advertising aspects Facebook provides and even a few caveats.

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What does the term digital marketing mean exactly?

How can you start working on your digital marketing without first having a plan? And what strategy will you use? What!? You don’t know what it means???

Oh you are so sure you know the answer, don’t you?

But what if I told you that the definition of digital marketing strategy is actually something completely different from what most “social media gurus” will tell you?

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How to advertise on Facebook in 3 easy steps

If you ever wondered how to advertise on Facebook, this is the post for you. Learn the 3 easy steps to great Facebook advertising to maximise conversions.

“How to advertise on Facebook” is one of the most searched social media queries

But what people are really looking for when searching how to advertise on Facebook is the strategy, not the step-by-step guide to filling out the Facebook advertising forms.

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6 common Wh-questions about Social Media Marketing answered

Social media marketing questions are oh so very common. Especially when it comes to businesses who are planning their first ever digital marketing strategy.

What are the most common questions about social media marketing?

Here are the 6 most common Wh-questions about social media marketing for businesses. I’ve even added a bonus one in the end, ‘cos it’s almost Christmas.

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Your content marketing is wrong

Your content marketing is wrong because you are probably doing something very, very incorrect when creating your digital advertisements.

That’s right. Everything you’re doing in your content marketing is wrong.

And of course I’m here to tell you why your content marketing is wrong and how to fix it. Just stay put and let me bring up a couple of examples for ya.

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The AIDA model in Social Media Marketing

The marketing world is so vast that we need acronyms just to remember all them rules! This time I’m looking at the AIDA model from a social media POV.

AIDA? OMG another acronym?

Oh yes, we marketers thrive on that stuff! And AIDA is nothing if not a marketing model that will get your strategy into the right direction.

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The new age of shopping

Are you still looking at the printed IKEA catalog before driving down to the store to get your new bedside table? I’ve got news for you: shopping has evolved. Again.

How the times change

Gone are the days when you actually needed to actively look for a product you wanted to but. Now you can just sit back, relax, and tap that buy button.

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Social Media SWOT Analysis

Before jumping into the lion’s den, make sure you do some benchmarking and SWOT Analysis for your Social Media as well.

Social Media SWOT Analysis might seem like just more work, but hang in there, it’s gonna get worse

Unless you actually do that more work, just as any aspect of your marketing strategies, using a SWOT Analysis for your social media strategy is important to cover, before doing anything on social media.

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