A quick glossary for Search Engine Marketing

It’s hard to remember all of the technical terms and acronyms for these digital thingamajigs. So bookmark this glossary for Search Engine Marketing terms.

Save this quick glossary for search engine marketing terms in your favorites

You’re gonna want to come back to it often for refreshers, so just to keep it practical: let’s jump to it.

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Making sense of SEO – 2017 edition

The rules of SEO are changing continuously and that tiny little fact is making many SEO “experts” (and none) crazy. So let’s see where we are at the moment.

Do you struggle to make sense of SEO?

Well, you’re not alone (if that’s any consolation at all). So for the sake of what I’m trying to do with my blog, which is helping people in digital-need, here’s a recap of the current state of SEO.

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3 important metrics to measure on Google Analytics

Measuring and analyzing isn’t as fun as tweeting, but knowing the key metrics to measure can make the job easier, to verify what we’re doing is working.

Numbers are fun, and measuring stuff is exciting!

Said no one ever.

But it’s important enough for you to learn how to do it properly, so let’s concentrate on the key metrics to measure and get it over with.

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You’re tracking your website visits wrong and missing out on all the campaign action!

Google Analytics is a strong tool, it will teach you all about the different channels people come to your website from. But what if it’s not enough?

OMFG Shay, I’ve already installed Google Analytics and thought that was enough!

Oh but it isn’t. Sadly Google is not giving you the real picture for all your marketing efforts.

But don’t worry, we’re going to fix that.

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Omnichannel and your business

Make sure you’re giving your clients the best customer experience you can by standardising what they’re experiencing all over your brand’s services.

What did you just call me?

Omnichannel is the shiz right now, since people are more than used to the fact that, for example, a company’s Twitter account is a direct contact with the company itself. Someone in there listens, and the audience expects to be heard as well.

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Keeping up with trends – 4 quick tips and a case study

Make sure you are always on your audience’s minds and lips by keeping up with trends and using popular hashtags.

Make sure you’re keeping up with trends to stay on people’s minds (and lips)

I personally love this strategy, because you get to really get creative and break out of the usual methods you might use while generating content.
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Land great landing pages

Nothing ruins trust more than a false promise. Make sure your landing pages provide what you promised on the referring link.

Hold on, what are landing pages exactly?

Landing pages are the first pages your visitors see after clicking on a link you posted somewhere, which could be your home page, but for a better, quicker and more productive costumer experience, it should be a specific page talking about a specific subject. Continue reading “Land great landing pages”

How and why you should connect with your audience – first case study

Connecting with your audience is perhaps the hardest, yet, most important part of your social media efforts. Let me give you an example on how to do that.

Connect with your audience, or else

Yes, I’m going to repeat this phrase quite a few times, since it really is a very important aspect of social media.
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