Repurposing content – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Don’t let your content calendar get the best of you. Strategise and make sure you’re repurposing content for best performance!

What does repurposing content mean?

Repurposing content means that you’re not posting content only once, but reusing it on different channels, maybe even for different uses. Let’s learn about how to strategise on that.

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Hashtags 101 – #LikeForLike

What’s up with them hashtags? What exactly are the secrets for great hashtags and why is nobody using my #SuperDuperAwesomeHashtag?

Yeah I know, put the hashtag symbol in front of my keywords… or something…

Or something is right. Get your S#it together and learn to use them hashtags, cos there ain’t no excuse for getting them wrong in 2016.

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3 tips to creating eye catching content

Make sure your message gets through by creating eye catching content that your followers will love and enjoy sharing.

What does eye catching content even mean?

Well, it’s not easy to generate content for social media. There’s a lot of research to do, make sure your data is up to date, and afterwards, you need to post it on various social media platforms you have accounts on.

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How and why you should connect with your audience – first case study

Connecting with your audience is perhaps the hardest, yet, most important part of your social media efforts. Let me give you an example on how to do that.

Connect with your audience, or else

Yes, I’m going to repeat this phrase quite a few times, since it really is a very important aspect of social media.
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Time saving social media tips for your business

Remaining on top of things is hard for a business owner, and it gets even harder when you try to run your social media channels live.
Here’s a couple of time saving tips for running your social media strategy while not losing track of your business.

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The first post

A quick introduction to who I am and what I do.

So I finally decided to start a blog.

After so many years of reading other blogs and thinking to myself that I’m not really that into writing or that I didn’t have that much to write about, I have finally received a boost of confidence by some of my clients and a few friends who told me that I should totally start one, because apparently I know what I’m talking about. Continue reading “The first post”