Top 3 video strategies for social media marketing

Get closer to your followers with video and real-time events that they can participate, share and invite others.

Get closer to your followers with video and real-time events that they can participate, share and invite others.

Get yourself into the video trend

Video is the new easy to consume content for all social media networks now. Even Twitter, which initially was a micro-blogging network, now has video integrated in tweets. So you better move yer arse.

Ok, Shay, lay it on me

The everyday use of social media as a content feed has people scrolling posts ad infinitum, stopping when something grabs their attention. As I’ve said in my last post 3 tips to creating eye catching content, people will most likely notice your post if you add a captivating graphic to it, such as a photo or a text overlay. Well, guess what, video does that and then some!

So let’s get started with some ideas:

First off: Go Live!

Live video is the hottest thing at the moment and nothing beats a face of a person talking to you, in order to get closer to a brand. Whether it’s Periscope, Facebook Live or, it’s basically the quickest way to let people know who you are and get closer to you followers, and help them get closer to you.

Live video is all the rage these days and the quantity of apps and websites that pop out for live video is nothing but proof of that.

Here are a few ideas you could apply on your business:

  • Show behind the scenes life in the office or factory, so people see the human beings behind the brand.
  • Give a weekly introduction to a part of your business, products or services, to give each of the different aspects of your brand its “me time”.
  • Answer questions and let people interact with you and have a type of conversation with followers to let them get closer to you.
  • Have interviews with your workers to let people know a bit about their lives and enhance the human factor behind your brand.

Teach with video

We’re used to watch TV and get our entertainment passively. Something many informational brands have understood early on and created channels like National Geographic, The History Channel and many others.

If your business has an informational aspect behind it, or there’s simply something you know people could be interested in learning, you could create video channels using YouTube or Vimeo to add an educational aspect to your content marketing efforts.

Create a weekly or bi-monthly episode where you teach your secrets to your followers or show them how to avoid being cheated by teaching them professional droplets of information with short, easy to digest 5 minute videos.

Author: Shay Stibelman

Digital marketing consultant in Milan, Italy. Born in Israel, raised in Germany by Russian parents. I help small and medium businesses get their digital marketing game on point. Perfect their website, landing pages, funnel marketing and social media strategies, in order to increase ROI and optimize that ever elusive marketing budget.

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