3 Facebook Groups features you should start using right away

Some Facebook Groups features are found in pages and profiles as well, but some are exclusive to groups, and in case you’re not using them yet, you should definitely get some info here and try them out right away!

Facebook Groups features sounds like more work, why do you hate me, Shay?

Oh shush, I don’t hate you. Facebook Groups features are just some added possibilities to explore and use to help create a better user experience for your followers.

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4 new Pinterest updates you cannot ignore

The last 4 Pinterest updates are a game changer. In order to stay on top of your Pinterest marketing strategy you’d better get to know them ASAP!

OMG I can’t keep up with all those changes and Pinterest updates!

And that’s exactly why I’m here, with the weekly update (not only Pinterest updates!), in a language anyone can understand. Coming even with a few tips and implementation strategies!

You’re welcome 🙂

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Keeping up with trends – 4 quick tips and a case study

Make sure you are always on your audience’s minds and lips by keeping up with trends and using popular hashtags.

Make sure you’re keeping up with trends to stay on people’s minds (and lips)

I personally love this strategy, because you get to really get creative and break out of the usual methods you might use while generating content.
Another awesome reason for absolutely loving keeping up with trends is that there are some really funny or creative posts out there, so researching them is really fun(ny) as well! Continue reading “Keeping up with trends – 4 quick tips and a case study”