What your social media morning routine should be

Mornings at the office can be quite overwhelming, checking your messages, returning emails and what not. Social media shouldn’t be a chore, but a routine!

What your social media morning routine should be

Grab a coffee and sit back

Open your browser and start bookmarking links. This is gonna be a hell of a ride!

Coming into the office in the morning is tough

You know you have to look into all the things that happened while you were away, and it’s even worse when you know you left some stuff to do from the day before #ProcrastinationNation.

Add your social media to the list and you’re just knee deep in checklists.

Let’s make stuff easier by using technology, a few apps, a few websites and focus on what’s really important.

Monitoring messages

Jumping from social media site to social media site is very time consuming only to see whether you have received any messages or if there are any important notifications.

A monitoring tool like Sprout Social will focus all your notifications into one place and let you know what’s happening in mere seconds.

Hootsuite is another website that allows you to do monitor your messages by simply logging into your accounts and adding the messaging streams to your dashboard.

Check the news

Reducing time spent on searching for stuff to share is perhaps the most valuable thing you’re gonna take away from this post.

Drumup.io does just that. After signing up, you choose the content you’re interested in, and they will send you a daily email with articles to share. You can also use their platform to schedule these posts.

Twitter, on the other hand, is another great source for content. Just check out what the trending topics are, and you’re in the know. If you participate in hashtag games, you’re bound to increase your reach and follower count.

If you’re looking for more easy-going content, Reddit has a “popular” tab, which will show you what’s currently trending there.

Doing the social media rounds

Jumping into several social media pages might be inevitable.

Pinterest, for example, is a must if you want to pin 3-4 pins daily, by scrolling your feed and quickly pinning new stuff.

Remember to add the Pinterest Save Button for a quick way to add interesting things from around the web onto your pin boards.

Instagram is also an app you need to log into in order to post stuff, but you can scroll and like posts directly from your browser, so adding that as a bookmarked tab is not such a bad idea. While you’re on it, write down some new hashtags you’re finding around popular posts and reuse them.

Keeping notes

One of the most frustrating things I keep seeing is people losing notes. They insist on writing them on paper, or on their phone, and then they’re not able to find them anymore.

Use Google Keep to write notes and have access to them from your desktop browser as well!

You can also use Siri to keep your notes and lists, but what you probably didn’t know is that Siri can also find your notes for you, by asking here to find a note containing a certain phrase.

For example “Siri, find me the note about things to do every morning”.

Sharing responsibilities

Delegating and sharing responsibilities is the number one trick to saving time and avoiding missed opportunities.

Use Slack to keep track of work tasks, and make sure important things have been taken care of by sharing a checklist.

Over to you! What are your favorite morning routines to keep your social media marketing efforts in check? Answer in the comments!

What your social media morning routine should be
Mornings at the office can be quite overwhelming, checking your messages, returning emails and what not. Social media shouldn’t be a chore, but a routine!

Author: Shay Stibelman

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