You’re tracking your website visits wrong and missing out on all the campaign action!

Google Analytics is a strong tool, it will teach you all about the different channels people come to your website from. But what if it’s not enough?

OMFG Shay, I’ve already installed Google Analytics and thought that was enough!

Oh but it isn’t. Sadly Google is not giving you the real picture for all your marketing efforts.

But don’t worry, we’re going to fix that.

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What’s the story with social media stories?

Social media stories are taking over social media. Facebook is eating up the internet and if their prey won’t let them, they’ll just assimilate them anyway.

So Facebook’s got one, Messenger’s got one, Instagram’s got one and Whatsapp’s got one… did I forget anyone?

I just can’t remember who else has social media stories at the moment, but I’m sure it will come to me sooner or later while writing this post.

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Get all your Pinterest ducks in a row

Pinterest is a social media, but also a social commerce. It has a content marketing aspect to it but will help your inbound marketing too. Anything else?

Pinterest is getting serious-er

So we better start noticing its potential and learn how to apply it in unexpected markets. Remember, first bird gets the worm!

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The grand opportunity of teachers on social media

There are some great opportunities for teachers on social media to open another channel of communication with their students. Here are the important points.

Teachers on social media sounds like a 80’s after-school special

But don’t forget what the most difficult aspect of digital marketing is: finding and reaching your target audience.

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The power of a social media takeover

What exactly is a social media takeover and what can it do for our brand? All this and more in this article by none other than… well it’s still me, sorry.

How appropriate, an Israeli talking about a takeover

Yeah, well, that’s what they call it, a social media takeover, so get over it.

Besides, who best to talk about it, no?

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The benefits of digital marketing tools

Traditional marketing is hard work both before and after launching a campaign. Using digital marketing tools might make marketing just a little bit easier!

Yes, yes, I will also suggest some free digital marketing tools

But first I’d like to explain the benefits and advantages of digital marketing tools, so bear with me.

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How to create Pinterest Rich Pins from your website content

Pinterest has long been a fully fledged search engine. Pinterest Rich Pins will help your pins to appear in the top of their amazing search results page!

Playing with the big boys

Having Pinterest Rich Pins are a must if you want to earn Pinterest player points and appear on the top of search results.

I’m gonna get a bit technical here, but I’ll try to stay comprehensible.

So let’s get started!

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3 new social commerce shopping features by Pinterest

Find out about the new ways to navigate Pinterest in this quick look through their 3 new features.

What!? Pinterest released new features!?

Oh yes, and this time your jaw is gonna drop!

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Should my business be on Facebook?

Should your business be on Facebook? Many business owners will ask themselves this question sooner or later. Read this so you can decide for yourself.

Should your business be on the biggest advertising platform ever?

I think the answer is quite obvious, but let’s look at the different advertising aspects Facebook provides and even a few caveats.

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How to use Twitter for customer service

Social listening is very important today with customers demanding 24/7 support, using Twitter for customer service is definitely one of the best ways to go.

Are you already using Twitter for customer service?

Using Twitter for customer service is almost a given when drawing up your digital media plan.

Here are a few quick tips to setting up your business Twitter account for customer service.

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