5 things you probably forgot to do before going on vacation

Please, for the sake of all the digital marketing efforts you’ve done till now, do these 5 things you probably forgot to do before going on vacation

There are so many things to do before going on vacation

But have you forgotten to do these 5 things so that your digital marketing will sill go on strong while you’re away?

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What goes into a converting landing page?

Ah, the ever so mysterious landing page. How to create a successful landing page? What goes into a landing page, and why? All of this behind a click here.

What is a landing page?

Since you won’t let people look for your offers on your website, you would prefer them landing directly onto the page that explains about the offer, right?

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Remarketing AdWords ad campaigns in 3 easy steps

AdWords is already a complicated system. So let’s take the most complicated, but useful tool – Remarketing, and see how we can apply it easily.

AdWords Remarketing made easy? Not a problem!

Follow these 3 easy steps to aim your AdWords ads at your website past visitors!

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A quick glossary for Search Engine Marketing

It’s hard to remember all of the technical terms and acronyms for these digital thingamajigs. So bookmark this glossary for Search Engine Marketing terms.

Save this quick glossary for search engine marketing terms in your favorites

You’re gonna want to come back to it often for refreshers, so just to keep it practical: let’s jump to it.

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4 Tips how to approach social media

Social media might not be your cup o’ tea, but, most probably, many of your clients are there, so you better gear up and learn how to approach social media.

No, not everybody plays on Facebook all day long, and no: you’re not alone

Social media isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but most of your clients are probably there. Let’s see what you do need to know, just so you’re not completely in the dark when approaching social media.

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How to handle internet Trolls

We all know them, heard of them, or had to deal with them at one point in time. Internet Trolls are nothing to be scared of, nor are they to be avoided.

Internet Trolls are not the enemies of Fairies

They’re not magical, nor are they impossible to handle.

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The marketing opportunity behind Snapchat’s new Snap Map

Snapchat just came out with Snap Map, showing you where the action is. Add some other features to the mix and you’ve got yourself a marketing strategy!

Snapchat is back, and it brought the big guns: The brand new Snap Map

Facebook is trying with all its might to be cooler than Snapchat, but they just can’t seem to steal the coveted cool factor.

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How to use Mailchimp’s email automation

Mailchimp just released its email automation for free. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Here’s how Mailchimp’s email automation works.

Nothing better than pressing a button and having something else taking care of business for ya

Automation is the shiz. Leaving your marketing channels on auto-pilot can be so relaxing, so let’s see how we can use automation with one of the strongest marketing channels out there: Email marketing.

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The state of local SEO – 2017 edition

Local SEO is a mystery to many, since it requires specific tools and code that the everyday business owner might not even know about, until they read this.

OMG is there more SEO stuff to do in order to appear on the first page of the Google results page!?

There is always something to do when SEO is concerned. Local SEO is something you need to take care of only if you’re a local business, though.

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How to save time with automation

There are several ways to save time with automation, but if you have to waste time using these methods, then what’s the point? IFTTT is as fast as it gets!

If you want something done fast, let the internet do it for you

Everybody’s talking about automation, AI and the IoT, but is there a way to actually take advantage of these things for work optimization, and not only to check if you’re missing milk in your fridge while at work?

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