What goes into a converting landing page?

Ah, the ever so mysterious landing page. How to create a successful landing page? What goes into a landing page, and why? All of this behind a click here.

What goes into a converting landing page?

What is a landing page?

Since you won’t let people look for your offers on your website, you would prefer them landing directly onto the page that explains about the offer, right?

Ok, thank you for the quick intro. Let’s see what a landing page looks like.

A successful landing page will get your visitors to perform the right actions and follow the right steps in order to maximise the conversion percentage.

It does that by showing the visitor what he wants to see, and making it easy for him to find the CTA, or how I like to call it, the “give me your money” button.

So, only 4 sentences in, we already saw two important landing page elements: the POI and the CTA.

Here’s a quick sketch by alignedpath.com showing what the important elements of a converting landing page are, we’ll go over those one by one.

landing page mockup
A mockup of a landing page, thanks to alignedpath.com

The direction

As long as you’re from a country where they read from left to right, your eyes will automatically scroll from the upper left to the lower right of the screen while scanning the page. Therefore, you’re gonna want your elements to be ordered by importance exactly in that direction. Important stuff on the upper left and the lower right. Less important stuff on the upper right and the lower left.

Of course this goes the other way around if you’re from a right to left reading country.

The Heading

You’re gonna want to include important keywords in your heading. That’s the first thing the user sees, and seeing words that he searched for, reassures him and helps him choose to convert.


The POI which stands for Points Of Interest, is usually a video, slider or image showing important elements of your products or service.

No, this is NOT where you put your logo at. A landing page for brand awareness is a complete waste of time.

Since a picture is worth 60,000 words, try to make your video, slider or image as attractive and as informative as possible.


People will more likely take the word of a complete stranger, rather than believing the marketer himself. That’s because we trust other clients more, than someone who tries to sell us something.

Having social proof, or simply put: a testimonials section, on your landing page, will make sure people will get the affirmation they need in order to trust the seller more.

The CTA text

This section allows you to finally try to convince the visitor to convert using your own words. Try to play every trick in the book in order to make them click that button.

And finally, the CTA

The CTA, or Call To Action button is the final step of the conversion on the landing page. From there the visitor will be forwarded to a shopping cart, in the extreme case, or have simply sent you their contact details, in the lightest case.

Make sure your CTA doesn’t say something vague like “click here”, but opt for something more understandable, like “subscribe” or “buy now”.

Don’t forget to perform A/B testing in order to find the correct combination of all of this.

What goes into a converting landing page?
Ah, the ever so mysterious landing page. How to create a successful landing page? What goes into a landing page, and why? All of this behind a click here.

Author: Shay Stibelman

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