The marketing opportunity behind Snapchat’s new Snap Map

Snapchat just came out with Snap Map, showing you where the action is. Add some other features to the mix and you’ve got yourself a marketing strategy!

Snapchat is back, and it brought the big guns: The brand new Snap Map

Facebook is trying with all its might to be cooler than Snapchat, but they just can’t seem to steal the coveted cool factor.

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The state of local SEO – 2017 edition

Local SEO is a mystery to many, since it requires specific tools and code that the everyday business owner might not even know about, until they read this.

OMG is there more SEO stuff to do in order to appear on the first page of the Google results page!?

There is always something to do when SEO is concerned. Local SEO is something you need to take care of only if you’re a local business, though.

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How to save time with automation

There are several ways to save time with automation, but if you have to waste time using these methods, then what’s the point? IFTTT is as fast as it gets!

If you want something done fast, let the internet do it for you

Everybody’s talking about automation, AI and the IoT, but is there a way to actually take advantage of these things for work optimization, and not only to check if you’re missing milk in your fridge while at work?

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3 important metrics to measure on Google Analytics

Measuring and analyzing isn’t as fun as tweeting, but knowing the key metrics to measure can make the job easier, to verify what we’re doing is working.

Numbers are fun, and measuring stuff is exciting!

Said no one ever.

But it’s important enough for you to learn how to do it properly, so let’s concentrate on the key metrics to measure and get it over with.

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The grand opportunity of teachers on social media

There are some great opportunities for teachers on social media to open another channel of communication with their students. Here are the important points.

Teachers on social media sounds like a 80’s after-school special

But don’t forget what the most difficult aspect of digital marketing is: finding and reaching your target audience.

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How to advertise on Facebook in 3 easy steps

If you ever wondered how to advertise on Facebook, this is the post for you. Learn the 3 easy steps to great Facebook advertising to maximise conversions.

“How to advertise on Facebook” is one of the most searched social media queries

But what people are really looking for when searching how to advertise on Facebook is the strategy, not the step-by-step guide to filling out the Facebook advertising forms.

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6 common Wh-questions about Social Media Marketing answered

Social media marketing questions are oh so very common. Especially when it comes to businesses who are planning their first ever digital marketing strategy.

What are the most common questions about social media marketing?

Here are the 6 most common Wh-questions about social media marketing for businesses. I’ve even added a bonus one in the end, ‘cos it’s almost Christmas.

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How to sell your crap online

Too many online stores sell crap. Too many crappy online stores try to sell good products, but carts get abandoned and poor marketers don’t understand why.

How dare you call my products crap?

I didn’t. You just did.

I’m just gonna tell you how to sell your crap online, and how not to sell it.

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Your content marketing is wrong

Your content marketing is wrong because you are probably doing something very, very incorrect when creating your digital advertisements.

That’s right. Everything you’re doing in your content marketing is wrong.

And of course I’m here to tell you why your content marketing is wrong and how to fix it. Just stay put and let me bring up a couple of examples for ya.

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The AIDA model in Social Media Marketing

The marketing world is so vast that we need acronyms just to remember all them rules! This time I’m looking at the AIDA model from a social media POV.

AIDA? OMG another acronym?

Oh yes, we marketers thrive on that stuff! And AIDA is nothing if not a marketing model that will get your strategy into the right direction.

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