How to create your own website in less than 10 minutes

It’s not that hard to create your own website. Most hosting services will give you an “Install WordPress” 1-click button. If not, just read this!

It's not that hard to create your own website. Most hosting services will give you an "Install WordPress" 1-click button. If not, just read this!

Create my very own website? Tell me more!

If you always wanted to create your own website but thought it’s too complicated or techy, then I’ve got news for you.

10 minutes you say?

Not a minute more, but perhaps a minute less.

I teach web design and development for quite some time now, and have noticed that many people enter with a very basic fear: technology.

Most of our lives we’re taught not to mess with things we don’t understand, and therefore fear them. But as with all my other posts here on my blog, I am here to release you of your primal fear of the unknown which is technology, and today you’re gonna create your own website

So let’s jump right in.

The ingredients

A good hosting service

You’re gonna need somewhere to place your files, that’s called a server.

The reason you’re not going to put your website on your computer is that you’re gonna need a super fast internet connection and a strong computer to support all the visitors. Renting it out from a hosting service is eventually going to cost much less than owning all that.
Plus, all maintenance is going to be done by them, so there you go.

A good hosting service that I’m currently using and am VERY happy with, is bluehost. What I absolutely love about them is that they will answer very quickly to any query you might have, and will actually help you resolve them, and not tell you to submit a support ticket, like some others out there.

Since the product is more or less always the same, the customer experience is about the next most important thing, so you can focus on creating your own website.

A way to access your files in your server

Usually, on your own computer, you just open your file manager to look up your files, whether it’s the Finder on a Mac or My Computer on a Windows, the shtick is always the same.

The method, or protocol, used to communicate with your files on your server is called FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. Since your server is far away, you’re gonna need this protocol to access it.

An easy to understand application for that is called FileZilla. After downloading and installing it, you’re gonna need to use the FTP information given to you from your hosting service in order to access the server. Think of it as receiving driving instructions in order to reach somewhere.

Open the site manager by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.
Open the site manager by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.

The site manager is a way to keep more than one website’s information on the application itself, so you don’t have to remember all of them.

the filezilla site manager
The FileZilla site manager

Author: Shay Stibelman

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